Data Migration

Fission’s data migration services and software suite was built to help IT transformations succeed.

Fission Data Migration Approach

Our approach was developed from real project-based experiences and combines cutting-edge software with a project management-focused methodology.

Fission’s full data migration offering is comprised of our services team, our in-house software suite (ATOM), and an asset library of project tools and templates. This offering was designed to solve common data migration project challenges.


Project Management

We provide structure, help define the overall project strategy, create the project plan, and establish mechanisms and processes to help lead your team to a successful go-live.
Data Mapping
Fission leverages our experience to accelerate the data migration requirements gathering process. We help organize and lead data discovery workshops, define the data-specific needs and goals for your desired end-state, and finalize the overall data execution strategy.
Data Transformation
Using data mapping and business requirements, Fission leverages our ATOM Transformation Hub to develop reusable data transformation logic. This software reduces technical complexity to improve overall delivery efficiency and accelerates data-load readiness.

Data Archiving

Historical data is often excluded from data migration projects. Fission can work with your team to archive historical legacy data in a separate data warehouse of your choice, allowing you to retain key data for audit and reporting purposes.

Why use Fission?

Proven data migration project management approach

Pre-defined tools, templates, and accelerators based on real project experiences
Software product suite with any-to-any data migration capabilities

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At Fission, data is the foundation of everything we do. ATOM is built based on our team’s extensive project experience and is refined with each successful project.

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