Complex IT Carve-Outs and Transformations Require Specialized Expertise

Reduced complexity. Minimized risk. Long-term value delivered.

Industry-leading IT Transformation specialists

If you are undergoing a merger, acquisition, or divesture, Fission has the M&A and IT expertise needed to navigate complex IT transformation projects. Led by a team of experienced advisors, we will help you mitigate investment risk and make more informed decisions.

We work with our private equity and enterprise-level clients to empower their teams and realize their strategic goals.

Why Fission Consulting?

M&A IT Specialists
Fission was started to serve M&A clients and transactions. Our experience can help any organization navigate IT initiatives for their merger, acquisition, or divestiture.
Data Experts
We know the importance of data. We have built our in-house data migration services and software suite, ATOM, to help our clients execute quick and effective IT transformation projects.
All successful projects require strong project management and structure. Fission collaborates with client teams to establish effective project workstreams, communication mechanisms, and progress reporting.
Projects are opportunities to form real partnerships. Fission prioritizes understanding our clients’ strategic goals and unique requirements, and using that knowledge to empower our clients to succeed.

Latest Insights

Preparing for an IT Separation OR Merger?

Fission was built to support private equity firms and enterprise clients as they work through common — yet critical — IT project challenges.