Fission utilized proven data migration methodology and our ATOM transformation hub to successfully extract, harmonize, and transform financial and operational data from SAP ECC to the client’s future Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) ERP platform. 

The client

Client is an industry-leading manufacturer of freight rail transportation equipment and services with a fleet of more than 400,000 railcars. They have an international footprint and are a publicly listed company with rigid data and security requirements.  

The situation

The client was in the process of a multi-stage strategic IT initiative. The first phase consisted of a Fission-managed four-month carve-out of ECC (SAP ECC Carve-Out Case Study). This second phase was a data consolidation effort to merge SAP ECC and Legacy Dynamics data into an updated D365 system.  

Client Challenges

  • SAP ECC and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 needed to be transformed, harmonized, and consolidated prior to loading into D365 
  • Project complexity required a phased rollout based on geographical location 
  • The client had numerous ancillary integrations, including an in-house developed application, that required development into the D365 landscape 
  • Project success necessitated a high level of cooperation and communication among segregated departments at remote sites 
  • Client was a publicly traded company with strict compliance requirements and a timeline dependency based on quarterly reports 
  • Client teams had to learn new systems processes, terminology, and functions after cutover 
  • Client had strict audit (SOC) and timeline requirements that dictated a specific cutover window 

Our Solutions

  • Launched a three-month assessment, resulting in the identification of key risks and business decisions, a 14-month project plan, and an estimated budget 
  • Managed “SAP to D365” data workstream using an agile approach to facilitate data requirements gathering, iterative migration and testing cycles, and process refinement 
  • Utilized ATOM, Fission’s proprietary software, to execute the transformation and harmonization for SAP ECC data – including shared customer and vendors across different source systems 
  • Developed selective extraction queries using SAP native tools to retrieve data based on requirements and the future state business operating model 
  • Directed the program management, utilizing a proprietary, online collaborative project dashboard to enhance visibility and streamline communication for all stakeholders 
  • Facilitated Q&A sessions with Fission’s Data Migration Design Document, which guided business users knowledge transfer of requirements and validation specifications

Our Results

  • There were zero unplanned business disruptions, within budget and timeline estimates 
  • Testing and validation execution was approved and accepted for SOC compliance 
  • 100% success rate for master and open transactional data at final cutover – due to emphasis on testing cycles and automated approach to data migration 
  • 100% successful migration of historical data to a reporting database 
  • OCM preparation ensured client teams were prepared for the transition between the source system and target system