IT Carve-Out Consulting

Fission was built to support private equity firms as they work through common — yet critical — carve-out challenges for their portfolio organizations.

Fission IT Carve-Out Consulting Approach

Our IT carve-out consulting methodology helps simplify over-complicated processes to accelerate the overall separation timeline — minimizing disruption and focusing on data accuracy along the way. We help clients eliminate uncertainty throughout the project and realize an effective TSA exit.

IT Carve Out Consulting with Fission Consulting

Why Fission-Led Carve-outs succeed

Project Management

Fission can help you more effectively manage your IT transformation project. We do this by simplifying project strategy, creating a clear and achievable project plan, establishing defined project workstreams, and providing the templates and processes needed to succeed.

Accelerated Timelines

Our fundamental approach to carve-outs is establishing key project workstreams and preserving existing business functionality. This allows us to focus on critical path milestones, to confirm the system is working as expected, and to avoid complications caused by net new functionality. The end result is minimized business disruption and an accelerated separation timeline.

Data Accuracy
When you think of data, think of Fission. We prioritize data accuracy in our carve-out execution. This allows us to effectively test the system, make more accurate business decisions, and prepare for an efficient cutover. All this is rooted in getting your company through an IT transition as quickly and effectively as possible.

Key Relationships

Successful carve-outs require expertise. The Fission team has spent decades forming relationships with functional and technical experts in areas such as system migration, infrastructure, hosting, integrations, and ERP business process design and functionality.

KEY IT Carve-Out Consulting BENEFITS

When compared with “traditional” IT carve-out execution, the Fission approach to IT carve-outs reduces project cost and risk, improves project timelines, and mitigates common issues. On average, this results in:

Project cost savings

Reduced services hours

Shorter execution timelines
Measurable TSA savings
Key IT Carve out consulting benefits

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Fission has the capabilities required to deliver effective business separation services. Our team helps you create value every step of the way. We were built to close these gaps in the IT services market.

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