Fission leveraged its program management expertise, proprietary data transformation software (ATOM), and methodology to merge the client’s legacy ECC data into their newly carved-out live S4 system (link to Hubbell case study) project within an aggressive timeline.

The client

Client is an industry-leading provider of commercial and industrial lighting solutions. They provide sustainable advanced lighting and intelligent controls to their customers.

The situation

An existing SAP ECC system was to be merged with a newly live SAP S/4HANA system and the data from the two systems.

Client Challenges

  • Prior to project, half of the business was running on a new SAP S/4HANA system and the other half on an old SAP ECC system (v1709)
  • Each SAP system had unique customizations, configurations, and integrations that needed to be retrofitted and merged
  • Due to licensing considerations, the project needed to be completed in four months

Our Solutions

  • Fission architected a project landscape that would allow for multiple iterations of data migration execution, validation, and testing without disruption to either productive system.
  • Data was extracted from the client’s live SAP ECC system and transformed using Fission’s ATOM software before being loaded into the client’s live SAP S/4 system. This process was tested through multiple runs in the project landscape.
  • All systems integrated with SAP ECC were thoroughly assessed before being retrofitted for integration with SAP S/4. Redundant applications were removed from the landscape and 32 integrations were brought live in the S/4 landscape before and during cutover.
  • Comprehensive test plans were developed and executed under the direction of a Fission testing workstream lead.

Our Results

  • Data was accurately extracted, transformed, and loaded from the ECC system to the S/4 system
  • 32 applications successfully integrated into the target SAP S/4 system
  • Established full three tier environment for support of the client’s now integrated S/4 system
  • Completed a highly complex and detailed merge on an extremely aggressive timeline
  • Executed cutover processes and achieved a go-live with zero critical defects and no data loss