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Fission’s General Contractor services are designed to meet all aspects of a project from vendor selection to project execution to end-state.

Fission M&A Integration Management Office Services

In the dynamic landscape of M&A transactions where the scale, complexities, and dependencies loom large, orchestrating a seamless integration or divestiture demands strategic prowess and meticulous execution. At Fission Consulting, we specialize in being the General Contractor for your IT endeavors, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey through the intricacies of mergers and divestitures to execute your projects on time and within budget. 

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Fission IMO / SMO services focus on three distinct offerings:


Preparing the foundation for a successful project requires proper diligence. Fission partners with client stakeholders to advise on strategic planning to pre-close ERP diligence to TSA negotiation assistance and more.




Fission will manage all aspects of your project execution including project, vendor, and risk management – allowing client leadership to focus on strategic planning and decision-making. 


 A successful project execution paves the way for a smooth transition to steady-state operations. Fission is committed to helping you achieve your end-state IT goals and objectives. 

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Our IMO / SMO Management strategy is predicated on close collaboration with clients. Our priority is always attaining a full understanding of the breadth and scope of the project so that you can leverage our comprehensive IMO / SMO services.

At Fission, we know how to deliver a successful project, and we’re dedicated to achieving success for your IT transformation. Meet our team today.

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