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Greenbrier Completes Full Integration and Data Transformation into Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Nov 29, 2022

Project utilized Fission Consulting’s trademark ATOM Transformation Hub, customizing back-office systems to optimize an engineered-to-order approach at several locations in the Midwest

CHICAGO – November 29, 2022 – The Greenbrier Companies, Inc., has officially moved its railcar business into the cloud — extracting, transforming and loading all data into a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system — in a project led by Fission Consulting. Greenbrier’s data is now entirely standardized on one technology platform. 

As a leading international supplier for global freight transportation markets, Greenbrier designs, builds and markets freight railcars and marine barges in several countries around the world. The company’s North American railcar division provides services, parts and maintenance for a fleet of more than 400,000 railcars. Its data transformation project is the first stage of a company-wide move away from legacy business management systems. 

“This has been the most successful IT project in Greenbrier’s century-long history,” said Zara Horn, the company’s senior manager for IT and project lead. “We’ve struggled with transformation projects in the past because of our unique value proposition and business requirements, but Fission has helped us fully realize our potential from an IT and software perspective. Today, we’re not only saving on costs by being on one system, but we’re running more smoothly than ever.” 

The project also offered a unique display of Fission’s ATOM Transformation Hub, which is capable of handling any data-to-data transformation and offers a more effective and collaborative approach to data initiatives for modern businesses. The hub focuses especially on mitigating project risk and improving long-term client operations. 

“This was certainly further proof of what ATOM can do,” said Brandon Lage, chief executive officer at Fission. “Greenbrier had two very different ERP systems, and it was able to extract, harmonize and move data without any major challenges or bumps. It was also proof of the strength of our Integration Management Office and highlights its proficiency in managing projects, organizational change and more.”

Greenbrier is planning a series of deployments for the remainder of its business and expects to be fully live on Microsoft Dynamics 365 by the middle of 2023. 

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